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Gilded Rose Test Kata – Introduction

Recently I attended the Softwerkskammer User Group Rhein-Main (  in Frankfurt for the first time. Those of you who don’t now Softwerkskammer may know the international group called Software Craftmanship. I was very pleased to see what these guys are doing every 3 weeks.

One of the points on their agenda was a code kata called the “Guilde Rose” (  It was amazing to see how other people changed the code to make it more readable. One of the attendee had already created a bunch of tests to make the changing of the code possible without introducing any bugs.

In this series of blogs I want to create a safety net for the kata with different frameworks that come to my mind. I want to start with my favored one TestNG, move over to JUnit, try RandomTest and finally I would like to give BDD a try if I find a nice test framework to use.

This blog is also inspired by an article from Sandro Mancuso on dzone ( where he described how to use the Golden Master approach to test legacy code.

You will find the code to this series of blogs on github.