Here are some links I use on a regular basis. I try to catch up with all resources which is sometimes hard. But RSS feeds are read during traveling and the podcast are heard during traveling and jogging.

Let’s start with podcasts:

  • Software Engineering Radio (SE-Radio), language: English
    In this list of podcasts SE-Radio provides the wides range of themes around software engineering, project management and agile. Currently SE-Radio is moving to IEEE and will get new authors and themes. I will see if the themes still fit my interest.
  • The Java Posse, language: English
    Starting with three guys the four Java Posse Members have already produced over 380 episodes! As the name implies the major themes were around Java as all off them start were Java programmer. Meanwhile their jobs have changed and only Tor is still using Java at Google. So the themes have also change or are more open. They cover Android, Scala and other languages on the JVM. Very interesting are the episodes from their yearly roundup meetings where all themes related to programming are covered.
    I nearly listened to every episode  sometimes it is hard to catch up because sometime the episodes are very long (up to 2 hours).
  • Improving Podcasts, language: English
    The topics are on improving everything in software business. Topics are for example agile, testing, refactoring. After a long period with no new episodes (11 month) in May 2012 another one was published. I hope the authors will start again with new topics and keep on their good work.
  • Agile Toolkit Podcast, language: English
    As the name implies the theme is agile development and management in all their facets. Sadly the intervals between the episodes are getting longer and longer.
  • IBM developerWorks, language: English
    Scott Lanninghan and TurboTech Watson are bringing updates on news and events from IBM. Andy Glover has very interesting guest in his talks with top actual themes.
  • The Java Spotlight Podcast, language: English
    The Java podcast from oracle brings regular updates and information on JSRs, Glasfish, Netbean, JDK, JavaFX and Java events around the world. The podcast episodes are published on a regular basis.
  • SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast, language: German
    In this podcast (as you can guess) most themes are related to software architecture. I’m not a software architect and I think it is a tough job. With this podcast you get a good understanding of the requirements on a software architect and how to get one.
  • ZukunftsArchitekten, language: German
    This a relative new podcast. The author Maik Pfingsten has very interesting themes on system engineering. Some of the samples I will try in my daily job as well like „The system footprint“ and „The critical chain“. Currently I try to catch up with the older episodes.
  • Raumzeit, language: German
    I found this podcast by accident. Topics are the work of ESA (European Space Agency) and DLR (German center of aerospace). Very interesting for persons with a fable for space and technology.





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