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Unimportant Bugs

Recently I had the chance to get in touch with a product from our company that was unknown to me. I played around with it and very soon I found a bunch of bugs. I created JIRA issues and assigned them to the responsible developers. After a few days I asked for current state of my issues and got the response:

„If your problems were the only problems to solve I will take care of them!“

At first I didn’t know what to answer.

It might be interesting what kind of problems I reported. I was new to the software so my bugs couldn’t be any feature related issues. What I found were things any new user of the software would find:

  • Spelling problems – no samples needed, right?
  • Inconsistent usage of status bar
    The software has a reporting tool which is SQL based. When I played around with it, I created a SQL statement and tested it. The result dialog displayed the column header immediately and the status bar told „Data is loading. Please wait…“. And I waited and waited for the result. After a few minutes I gave up. Later I found out, that the result set was empty… The developer just forgot to update the status bar.
  • Displaying the icons from the tool bar next to the corresponding menu items
    The software provides a tool bar at the top with the mostly used functions. The same functionality can be accessed using the menu bar. For a new user it would be nice to find the same icons in the menu as well
  • Providing key board short cuts next to the menu items
    With the help of the user guide I found out that key combinations exist to access the most used functions. In the menu or in the tool tip for the tool bar I couldn’t get this information
  • Sizing of dialogs
    Some of the dialogs were shown in a much to small size. From a professional tool I expect the dialog to displayed in a usable size

The question is: Who defines the priority of a bug?

  •  Sales person:
    The obvious errors must be removed. Missing functionality is less important
  • Project manager (vendor side):
    There are no unimportant bugs
  • Project manager (customer side):
    • At the beginning of the project: Functionality first
    • At a running project: Usability bugs for better satisfaction of the user
  • Potentially new customer: Obvious errors should not be found

My issues from the beginning are reported from the view of a new customer. The little, easy to report issues are the ones that I found. In my opinion these kinds of issues should be fixed immediately. You rarely get a second chance to look good, especially to new customers.

The question over all is: Who sets the priority over all issues if you have limited resources – and who has no?

I have no answer to this question but may be you? Most probably it’s the product managers job.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.